Laboratory for Digital and Intelligent Industry (DIGI2)

The SYSTEC-DIGI2 targets the design, implementation and validation of smart components for advanced manufacturing system that introduce intelligence into industrial processes. By implementing a novel Framework related with Cyber-Physical Production Systems, the work carried out at SYSTEC-DIGI2 will contribute to the emergence of the factories of the future. Targeting added value manufacturing concepts, SYSTEC-DIGI2 is highly interdisciplinary as it spans from […]

Laboratory for Electric Mobility and Renewables (LEMR)

The SYSTEC-LEMR activities are mainly developed within the context of SYSTEC-ENERGY thematic line and involve the development of: Hardware and real time software for power converters and systems control as well as for distributed instrumentation with tele-operation, tele-maintenance and observation techniques for products full life cycle. Test benches for laboratory essay of power converters, batteries, specific components, […]

Laboratory for Systems Control Optimization and Estimation (LSCOE)

The SYSTEC-LSCOE aims at creating a fertile ground for discussion of research ideas, broaching challenging problems for engineers and mathematicians, and providing scientists with advanced methods and new tools for their research activity. Its main lines of activity are research and training, mostly carried out within the context of SYSTEC-CONTROL thematic line, and involve: The development of […]

Cyber-Physical Control Systems and Robotics Laboratory (C2SR)

The Cyber-Physical Control Systems and Robotics lab (C2SR) is part of the Institure of Systems and Robotics ISR, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP). The C2SR lab carries out research in the general area of Signals, Systems, and Robotics (theory and applications) for mobile networked cyber-physical […]