ISR is hosted at Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade, Universidade do Porto (FEUP). Supported by FEUP in what concerns infrastructures, human (administrative and scientific) resources, and its vast collaborative research network, and by ISR I what concerns the networks of stakeholders, and of institutions addressing the societal challenges, ISR advances its R&D and Innovation agenda to promote: (i) academic excellence, (ii) worldwide networking with institutions and researchers with opportune scientific affinities to ensure the critical mass, (iii) interaction with end-users and stakeholders to promote the tuning with challenge-driven innovation dynamics, (iv) emergence of actors relevant to the evolution of paradigms for the societal impact of science and technology, as well as (iv) integration with advanced formation activities.

To efficiently achieve its goals, ISR is organized in order to stimulate the dialog with stakeholders and end users by considering the evolving societal challenges in four Intervention Vectors:

  • CONTROL: Systems, control, optimization, estimation, and data science. 
  • NET: Networked Robotic Vehicles and Systems Technologies. 
  • ENERGY: Smart Energy Systems and Technologies. 
  • MANUFACTURING: Cyber-Physical Systems for Manufacturing. 

It should be emphasized that, along the Intervention Vectors, challenges from the real world are extracted and give rise to the formulation of pertinent scientific and technological research challenges. This bidirectional interaction – (i) research excellence at the service of real-world problems, and (ii) real-world challenges inspiring breakthroughs in fundamental research – promotes the regional smart specialization agenda through cooperation between companies, particularly SMEs and other societal organizations.

This structure is designed to promote the progress toward a unifying long-term vision in which theoretical developments will evolve in such a way as to match the complex requirements of the emerging challenges inherent to the complexity of the real-world systems, notably, the various classes of complex, large scale and structured networked systems.


Center of Excellence hosted by the Faculty of Engineering of Porto University, and the Research Center for Systems & Technologies (SYSTEC) to promote the Co-Evolution of:

  • Systems, Optimization, Control, and Estimation Theoretical Developments 
  • Engineering Methodologies and Tools
  • Interdisciplinary Collaborative Frameworks
  • Science and Technology State-of-the-Art
  • Societal Challenges Awareness

Targeting the Rapid Bidirectional Transition from Scientific and Technological Knowledge to Societal Challenges driven System Solutions through R&D&I carried out in the context of its Global Network.


Our values provide a common understanding of how ISR staff are expected to act in their relationships with each other, our stakeholders, and the public. They set the tone, and underpin how we will deliver our vision and mission, how we will establish the behaviors we need in order to be our best, and how we will create a culture of inclusion and excellence. We will align our processes and ways of working to the values, so that they become intrinsic to how we recruit, develop, assess and promote people within SYSTEC.