The SYSTEC/ISR-P Coffee Break Seminars start this week!

The main goal is to SYSTEC members and students meet every wednesday in a leisurely, friendly setting to know what your colleagues are working on. The seminar starts exactly at 16:00 and can only have a maximum duration (with questions) of 30 minutes. This week, we have the following talk: Room: I(-1)05 Title: The Research […]

EITM Doctoral School: Info day for PhD Supervisors

Next Friday (November 11 at 2:00 pm in room I025) there will be a debriefing session on the EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School that may be of interest to the doctoral programs for which they are responsible and which I would like to thank your colleagues for sharing. involved as mentors. FEUP has been involved since […]

Gonçalo Carvalho – FCT PhD Research Grants MIT|Portugal 2022

Within the scope of the MIT Portugal Program, 40 (forty) research grants were awarded, designated MPP2030-FCT Research Grants for PhD, in the strategic areas of MPP: Climate Science and Climate Change; Earth Systems – From Oceans to Space; Digital Transformation in Manufacturing; Sustainable Cities; Data Science, applied to previous areas. Gonçalo Carvalho, researcher at SYSTEC, […]

SYSTEC/ISR Invited talks

Applied cryptography and cybersecurity in autonomous vehicles by Petter Solnør, and Autonomous docking of unmanned surface vehicles aided by visual and acoustic measurements by Øystein Volden

FEUP |Bolsas de Investigação |BM3.4.5.6-SYSTEC DinamyCity

Applications: 11-10-2022 to 24-10-2022 Call open for applications for 4 research grants within the framework of project “DynamiCITY: Fostering Dynamic Adaptation of Smart Cities to Cope with Crises and Disruptions”, with reference NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-000073, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), through the North Portugal Regional Operational Programme (NORTE2020), under Portugal 2020 Partnership Agreement, under […]

ISR – Research Grant – RELIABLE–BIL1&BIL2

Call open for applications for two (2) Research Grants within the framework of project RELIABLE – Advances in control design methodologies for safety critical systems applied to robotics, reference PTDC/EEI-AUT/3522/2020, with financial support from FCT/MCTES through national funds (PIDDAC), under the following conditions: Scientific Area: Electrical and Computer Engineering, Informatics, Mechanics and related areas; Admission […]

Laboratory for Digital and Intelligent Industry (DIGI2)

The SYSTEC-DIGI2 targets the design, implementation and validation of smart components for advanced manufacturing system that introduce intelligence into industrial processes. By implementing a novel Framework related with Cyber-Physical Production Systems, the work carried out at SYSTEC-DIGI2 will contribute to the emergence of the factories of the future. Targeting added value manufacturing concepts, SYSTEC-DIGI2 is highly interdisciplinary as it spans from […]

Laboratory for Electric Mobility and Renewables (LEMR)

The SYSTEC-LEMR activities are mainly developed within the context of SYSTEC-ENERGY thematic line and involve the development of: Hardware and real time software for power converters and systems control as well as for distributed instrumentation with tele-operation, tele-maintenance and observation techniques for products full life cycle. Test benches for laboratory essay of power converters, batteries, specific components, […]